Sealing Pouch Cell

Customer requirement:

  • Sealing tabs
  • Dense seam
  • Compensation of layer jumps
  • Seam directly at the cavity of the pouch cell

Our solution:

  • One control circuit per seam
  • Double-sided heat
  • Soft silicone profile under the heat-sealing band to compensate the height difference in between the pouch film and the tab

Sealing in two steps:

  • Sealing of three sides of the cell including tabs
  • Sealing the final fourth side after degassing

Customer advantages:

✓ No warm-up phase of the system required, seam tight from the first cycle
✓ Repeatable sealing results from cycle to cycle
✓ Fast, precise control as no external sensor is required
✓ Minimal heat impact on the product
✓ Independent temperature control of each heatsealing band
✓ Fast heating and cooling of the system, due to the low mass of the heat-sealing band