✓ Lower power consumption
✓ No heating-up or cooling-down times
✓ Minimal temperature entry on packaged goods


The perfect solution for complex heat-sealing applications.

This process entails controlling the sealing temperature for a defined time. A constant heating impulse is generated during each cycle, depending on the rate at which the heat sealing band heats up and cools down. This process ensures a repeatable sealed seam quality and high machine output.

The optimum thermal profile describes a rectangular progression of rapid heating and cooling phases. Our ROPEX impulse technologies, RESISTRON and CIRUS, optimize heating in the best way possible.


RESISTRON - Heat-sealing band technology

RESISTRON is a impulse heat-sealing system for sealing thermoplastics.

The system consist of several application-specific components. The most important ones are the


  • RES temperature controller
  • RES sealing tool

The tool is a sealing bar with a heat-sealing band and a matching backing pad. For each application, we design the system individually to your requirements and create customer-specific solutions.


Technology Overview:


  • Active length almost without restrictions (about 7 m already realized)
  • Active width almost without restrictions (about 40 mm already realized)
  • 1D, 2D and 3D (Spout, tube etc.) possible
  • Useful up to approx. 80 cycles per minute
  • Suitable to layer jumps (flexible heat sealing band)
  • Cooling of the seam possible
  • Cut & Seal-applications with various solutions (cutting wire, beaded band, combination band, silicone profiles for cutting)
  • Both sided heat possible (thick films, inserts between film layers, …)


  1. Counterpart with silicone profile

  2. Opposite heat-sealing tool

  3. Heat-sealing tool

  4. Current transformer

  5. Temperature controller

  6. Impulse transformer

  7. Line filter

CIRUS Ceramic heat-sealing solution

CIRUS advantage is the direct load-bearing of the seam, after the sealing process. This is made possible by a cooling unit which results in a significant reduction of the process time and a higher product output.

The special tool design permits new sealing tool characteristics. As the heating line is only a few μm thick, and the resulting heat capacity is also low, extremely high temperature dynamics of 6000 K/s are possible.

Technology overview:

  • 1D and 2D possible
  • Useful up to approx. 120 cycles per minute
  • Partly suitable to layer jumps
  • Ultrafast cooling of the seam (due to direct cooling of the heating line) possible.
  • Cut & Seal-applications with various solutions (silicone profiles for cutting, cutting device)
  • Independence of format (due to direct cooling)
  • Easy cleaning (maintenance-friendly)
  • Humidity-resistant (FS-tools)

CIRUS System

  1. Silicone retainer with profile

  2. UPT heat-sealing tool

  3. Current transformer

  4. Impulse transformer

  5. Line filter

  6. Cooling unit

  7. Temperature controller


For RESISTRON and CIRUS heat- sealing solutions. 

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