✓ Lower power consumption
✓ No heating-up or cooling-down times
✓ Minimal temperature entry on packaged goods


The perfect solution for complex heat-sealing applications.

This process entails controlling the sealing temperature for a defined time. A constant heating impulse is generated during each cycle, depending on the rate at which the heat sealing band heats up and cools down. This process ensures a repeatable sealed seam quality and high machine output.

The optimum thermal profile describes a rectangular progression of rapid heating and cooling phases. Our ROPEX impulse technologies, RESISTRON and CIRUS, optimize heating in the best way possible.


RESISTRON is a system structure consisting of several application-specific components. The most important components here are the

  • RES- temperature controller
  • RES sealing tool. The tool is a sealing bar with a heat-sealing band and a matching backing pad, which are adapted to your sealing application.



CIRUS advantage is the direct load-bearing of the seam, after the sealing process. This is made possible by a cooling unit which results in a significant reduction of the process time and a higher product output.

The special tool design permits new sealing tool characteristics. As the heating line is only a few μm thick, and the resulting heat capacity is also low, extremely high temperature dynamics of 6000 K/s are possible.

In order to generate the extremely high temperature dynamics of the CIRUS tool, a planar stainless steel substrate is printed with several insulating layers before the actual heating line is printed as a power resistance.

Due to the special production process for CIRUS tools, the heating line contour can be tailored to your individual requirements. Curved or elliptical sealing geometries are possible as well as overlapping or several individually operable heating lines on a basic body next to one anoth

Detailed information on the components can be found on the following links.

Temperature Controllers

System Components


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