Our CIRUS heat-sealing system is the optimal solution for the packaging and medical industry. CIRUS meets the highest demands concerning efficient cooling of the sealed seam, implementation of seam line and contour of pouches, while minimizing heat stress to the packaged goods.

CIRUS- Ceramic Heat-Sealing Solutions

CIRUS is the perfect solution when it comes to film sealing applications and high temperature dynamics are required when heating up and cooling down the sealing tool or a complex sealing seam or bag contour is present. Furthermore, the CIRUS sealing tools require little maintenance as, unlike conventional impulse sealing tools, there are no moving parts such as clamping heads to compensate for the thermal linear expansion of the metal strip, which can break or jam. There are also no changeover times when changing products, as CIRUS technology makes it possible to seal different film widths without changing the actively heated tool length.

Tool design

Heating up and cooling down in just a few milliseconds is possible with CIRUS. In order to generate the extremely high temperature dynamics of the CIRUS tool, a planar stainless steel substrate is printed with several insulating layers before the actual heating line is printed as a power resistance. The sealed seam cools down very fast and very efficiently because the printed layers are very thin. The combination of the very high temperature dynamics and water cooling of the CIRUS tool results in a significant reduction of the process time and a higher product output.

Individual heating line contours

Due to the special production process for CIRUS tools, the heating line contour can be tailored to your individual requirements. Curved or elliptical sealing geometries are possible as well as overlapping or several individually operable heating lines on a basic body next to one another.

Standard and customized bars and tools

A wide range of standard tools in various designs is available to meet the most diverse application requirements. Customized tools are produced for applications with special requirements. ROPEX offers sealing tools protected against cleaning agents or corrosive or aggressive media (IP protection class 65) (FS technology) especially for areas in packaging technology where the cleaning and hygiene of the sealing tools or the machine play a major role. In combination with the appropriate counterpart, your sealing application can be realized.
All tools – standard or customized solutions – are available as 3D CAD models and 2D assembly drawings on request.

Standard GW bars are UPT heat sealing bars for use in normal conditions, in other words neither damp nor corrosive. These bars are shipped with heating line lengths from 100 mm to 500 mm in 50 mm steps. They can also be supplied with heating line lengths from 500 mm to a maximum of 1000 mm (varying 100 mm lengths). Heating line widths of 2.8 mm, 4.8 mm and 6.0 mm are available as standard.

FS bars are heat-sealing bars for use in damp or corrosive conditions, for instance if the machine has to be regularly cleaned with water or a liquid detergent. These bars are also suitable if the product to be packed is itself corrosive (e.g. saline solutions, fruit juices etc.). A special coating and the hermetically sealed contact area ensure compliance with the IP65 protection rating. FS bars are shipped with heating line lengths from 100 mm to 500 mm in 50 mm steps. They can also be supplied with heating line lengths from 500 mm to a maximum of 1000 mm in 100 mm steps. Heating line widths of 2.8 mm, 4.8 mm and 6.0 mm are available as standard.
FS bars have 1.5 m long cables at the contact area due to the design. All of the above-mentioned heating line length and width combinations are offered with three different cable outlets for easier integration into the machine:

  • D: The cable exits vertically downward
  • S: The cable exits perpendicularly at the side
  • L: The cable exits as an extension of the heating line

Circular heating tools are used to create a closed, circular sealed seam, for example if a spout needs to be fused to a plastic pouch or bag. Tools with a diameter for 1, 2 or 3 inch spouts are currently available. Other diameters are possible on request.

Sealing of Euo hole in one step, thanks to cut & seal. Precise guiding and fixation of the film are just as important for a high quality heat seal as accurate and repeatable temperature control. ROPEX offers various complementary components for this purpose which interact ideally with the sealing tool. 

Our sealing tools can also be manufactured as customised solutions tailored to the individual requirements of your sealing application. Close cooperation and coordination with our customers are very important to us: your tools are designed and built on our CAD system according to the specific parameters of your heat sealing process and the space which is available in the machine. Special temperature profiles as well as overlapping and / or individually controllable heating lines are possible, and we can also implement any desired heating line geometry.

Silicone profiles and silicone retainers

A wide range of silicone profile geometries in different degrees of hardness can be used to achieve a sealed seam. Simple flat or trim seals are possible, depending on the cross section of the silicone profile. A matching silicone retainer, which is equally suitable for both flat and trim seals, can be supplied for each silicone profile. It is therefore possible to change from a simple flat seal process to a trim seal process by changing the silicone profile only. The width of the sealed seam is defined by the combination of the heating line width of the sealing tool and the width of the silicone profile.


ROPEX temperature controllers are specially designed to enable precise temperature generation and control when using CIRUS heat
sealing tools. These controllers allow you to generate heat impulses of just a few hundred milliseconds with temperature dynamics of
up to 6000 K/s. They measure the active temperature of the heating line using the resistance layer of the sealing tool.


Our solutions are used in a wide variety of industries and we look forward to implementing applications in new industries.


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