✓ Sealing of tabs and liquids
✓ Cut and seal in one step
✓ High machine performance
✓ Flexibility in material and format

Our advanced technology excels in humid manufacturing settings, effectively sealing dangerous substances with a flawlessly smooth seam, ensuring utmost safety.

Case Study

Increasing the performance of your existing vertical form fill and seal machine through impulse sealing. Read more!


Heat-sealing solution:

  • Pouch cell end seals (anode/cathode)
  • Insulation panel end seals
  • Insulation panel back seam seals

Our solution for impulse sealing will convince you

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The optimal production process in sealing battery cell film

Vacuum sealing

The pouch cell is sealed watertight using ROPEX impulse sealing technology and is filled with electrolytes under vacuum. This produces gas, which is forced into a gas bag under external pressure. The area between the cell and the gas bag is then finally sealed with ROPEX impulse welding technology.

Piercing the gas pocket

The gas pocket can be tapped and the gas extracted after it has been securely sealed

Separated gas bubble

The gas bubble is then separated. Due to the tight sealing seam, the pouch cell remains optimally protected even after separation.


ROPEX impulse sealing technology ensures that all sealed seams are tight even after the separation process, even under difficult conditions, and thus protect against moisture and oxygen

Folding process step 1

The edges of the seal are then folded and glued if necessary.

Folding process step 2

Further folding of the protrusions further reduces the size of the pouch cell.


The end product is a securely sealed pouch cell that is ideally prepared for the subsequent aging process thanks to impulse sealing technology.

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