ROPEX and Matthias Stabel (ROPEX- Area Sales Manager Europe), Dario Morini ( Engineer), Isabel Friedrich (ROPEX-Marketing Manager) and Marco Manueddu ( Units Manager)

ROPEX expands cooperation with Italian sales partner

ROPEX has been working with its Italian sales partner s.r.l. (Macchine Industriali Accessori) since 2017. In Italy, pasta from well-known manufacturers is packaged with ROPEX products. This successful partnership is now being expanded for distribution in Switzerland.

ROPEX is expanding its collaboration with its Italian sales partner: Since the beginning of 2024, the Milan-based company s.r.l. has also taken over sales for the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. This expansion of the partnership is another milestone in the successful cooperation between the two companies. ROPEX is thus consistently implementing its strategy of further internationalization, in which the manufacturer of innovative sealing systems relies primarily on local partners in the various world markets.

A large number of projects have been implemented with s.r.l. over the past seven years. ROPEX tools and systems are used in Italy in various applications such as the packaging of potting soil, food and cushions or the welding of mosquito nets.

Italy has also developed into a model for a successful sales approach with regional partners that combines commercial and technological expertise. The cooperation between and ROPEX is managed by two contact persons: Marco Manueddu, responsible for the business units, and Dario Morini, who looks after customers as a sales engineer. Marco Manueddu emphasizes the importance of the partnership: “With ROPEX, we have a partner from Germany that has been an expert in the field of impulse sealing for more than 40 years. This expertise makes it easier for us to work on site and makes us valuable consultants for our customers.”

For ROPEX, proximity to its customers is a competitive advantage: in the Italian market, a personal contact person on site is of great importance. Many customers, especially family-run businesses, appreciate the proximity and expertise of a regional partner. With its headquarters near Milan, benefits from short distances to the machine manufacturers and thus offers the excellent service that ROPEX wants to achieve locally worldwide.

The versatility of ROPEX technology also inspires Dario Morini at “It’s fascinating to see the industries in which ROPEX is used – from the medical to the food industry. This diversity makes our work both varied and challenging.” As a next step, plans to expand existing customers and identify new potential customers in order to further establish impulse sealing technology. In the future, companies in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland will also be included, as the team is also very well networked in this region and can further increase sales there.

The fact that both companies benefit so much from the collaboration is also due to the close communication between the organizations. Matthias Stabel, Area Sales Manager for Europe, forms the interface for this. He is the central contact for the partners in Europe and coordinates the activities in the respective countries. Dario Morini greatly appreciates this structure: “It is very convenient for us to have a central contact person at ROPEX. Working with Matthias is very structured and the short lines of communication mean we can give customers quick feedback.

His experience makes it easier for us to make challenging decisions.We can see that the feedback from Italian customers actually flows into the strategic direction of ROPEX and that our collaboration also contributes to the company’s success in this way.”

Information about s.r.l.: was founded in 1962 in Milan, and specializes in distributing technical products from Germany on the Italian market.The company is currently working with four German partners to trade their solutions in Italy. In doing so, attaches great importance to long-term and trusting cooperation.