Efficient packaging of non-woven tissues

With the CIRUS impulse sealing technology

A leading global manufacturer of non-woven tissues for various industries, was looking for ways to optimize its packaging process. The challenge was to ensure that the seam is stable immediately after the sealing process, as the packaged goods expand after sealing and put pressure on the seam.

Another goal was to save packaging material and improve the efficiency of the process.

To combine the separate production steps of cutting and sealing, we proposed the cut & seal process with our CIRUS impulse sealing technology. This uses a special silicone cutting profile that creates a flat seam and enables the film to be cut at the same time. The cut is in the middle of the seam and therefore no excess material is created.

The active water cooling of the CIRUS sealing tools ensures immediate seam stability and enables the seam to be stable immediately after opening the sealing jaws.

By switching to the CIRUS technology, the customer benefits from a significantly longer tool life. The previous tools, which were equipped with a RESISTRON heat-sealing band, could withstand less than 100.000 cycles, whereas the CIRUS tools can withstand up to 700.000 cycles in this application.

Another advantage is the increased employee safety thanks to the use of a silicone profile instead of a mechanical cutting knife during maintenance work. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and speeds up tool changes during maintenance.

  • Increasing the tool life by 700% reduces machine downtimes considerably.
  • Acceleration of the packaging and sealing process and material savings by combining cut & seal in one step
  • Increased employee safety: no mechanical cutting knife in use that could injure employees during maintenance
  • Immediate seam stability thanks to integrated water cooling
  • Highest seam quality: clean, smooth and reproducible without inhomogeneities