Sealing of different pouches on one machine

Customer requirement:

The capability to produce two different medical pouches in alternating sequence on a single line.

Our solution:

For each of the two pouches, we engineered an application-specific sealing tool with an integrated water-cooling system, and an independent control circuit. Two heating bands, each custom designed to the shape of the pouches, supply the heating impulse. The counter layer generates the required pressure on the seam in parallel.

In consultation with our customer and their system manufacturer, we designed the tools in such a way that they seamlessly fit into their system and can be easily changed. To increase the output, we integrated a water-cooling system.  This feature allows the heating element to quickly return to its ambient temperature.  The result not only improves production speed, but also creates a consistent, repeatable seal.

Customer advantages:

✓ Seal two different pouches on one machine

✓ traceability and repeatability of heating bands due to single batches

✓ A strong, smooth seam

✓ A customized overall solution

✓ Sealing two products on a single system

✓ The very first bag is sellable

✓ Flexibility in materials and formats

✓ Easy maintenance

✓ A robust, reproducible process