Standard functions:

  • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)
  • Automatic frequency adjustment
  • Automatic configuration of the secondary voltage and current ranges (AUTORANGE)
  • Data interface (CI-USB-1)

Important features:

  • LC display (green): 4 lines x 20 characters, language selectable (12 languages available in menu)
  • VF display (blue) optionally available instead of LC display
  • Electrically isolated 0…10 VDC analog input and output for setpoint selection and actual temperature
  • Electrically isolated 24 VDC control inputs for START, AUTOCAL, RELEASE and RESET
  • Booster output
  • Heating element alloy and temperature range (max. 500 °C) selectable
  • Timer functions with adjustable sealing and cooling times
  • Internal or external release impulse with programmable parameters
  • Configurable relay and semiconductor outputs (e.g. for end of cycle)
  • Signal exchange for “Temperature OK”
  • Cooling system monitoring
  • Alarm output and indication with error diagnostics

New display controllers available in 2024: UPT-6400 and UPT-6450

Available downloads: Documentation, software