Standard functions:

  • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)
  • Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)
  • Automatic phase angle compensation (AUTOCOMP)
  • Automatic frequency adjustment
  • Automatic configuration of the secondary voltage and current ranges (AUTORANGE)
  • TCR Calculator (as of firmware version 302)
  • Micro-USB interface for ROPEX visual®

Important features:

  • Wide voltage range for the use of 110…480 V AC
  • Electrically isolated 0…10 VDC analog output for ACTUAL temperature
  • Setpoint selection with 0…10 V DC analog input or potentiometer
  • 24 V DC control signals for START, AUTOCAL and RESET
  • Heat sealing band alloy and temperature range (max. 500 °C) selectable
  • Fault output and indication (LED) with error diagnostics
  • UL certification

Available downloads: Documentation, software