Eurohole: Cut & Seal in one step

Customer requirement:

The customer was looking for a solution to combine Cut & Seal in one step and thus save time. In addition, he had the requirement not to produce any loose parts when cutting the suspension eye of the eurohole.

Our solution:

To create the perforation seal for the suspension eyelet, we have integrated a contoured heating rail into our tool. Due to this seal, the film is not completely cut off and no loose parts are created during production.
In addition, we have combined the Cut & Seal production steps into a single step. By integrating a cutting device into the tool, we were able to significantly reduce production time for our customer. This optimization leads to higher productivity and cost efficiency, which benefits our customer.

Customer advantages:

✓ Increase in the number of cycles
✓ Format-independent, no tool change necessary
✓ Independent of material
✓ Reproducible process
✓ High seam quality: Firm and smooth
✓ Cut & Seal in one step
✓ First pouch marketable
✓ Easy maintenance

Image: Sealing tool with possible coating GW and FS coating as a sample